The “Specialised Reefer and Freezer Fleet Listing – 2019” is now available!



With changes during the last year affecting 180 vessels, the publication contains details of the 575 specialised reefer and freezer vessels greater than 100,000 cubic feet as of January 2019.

The Fleet List includes colour graphs and charts of the world fleet by size and by age - as well as a summary of the 2018 sale & purchase activity, the recycling that took-place during 2018 and the current new building order book.

The publication provides an alphabetical listing of all vessels (also noting those that are “360-Quality approved”) along with fleet summaries by major operator as well as individual vessel data, by cubic capacity - detailing:


- name/ex-name

- cubic capacity/square metre

- operator

- country/year of build

- flag


- speed/consumption

- holds/hatches

- 40' on-deck reefer capacity

- circulations/temperature

- gear


To place an order for the Fleet List – which is available only in hard-copy format – please reply to this email advising:


Mailing Address:

VAT Number:

Contact Phone Number:

Number of Copies:


Price (inclusive of postage and packing):

1 or 2 copies        = £230 per copy

3 or more copies  = £200 per copy

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