Dominican Republic: Baltic Shipping Restarts Transportation Services from The Port of Manzanillo


The shipping line Baltic Shipping Company has announced the resumption of its shipping services with effect from January from the Port of Manzanillo, province of Montecristi in the Dominican Republic, for the benefit of producers, exporters, importers and agents of the logistics chain, in response to demand from producers in the northern part of the country to have greater facilities for logistics operations with the Baltic Region.

The news was announced after the visit of the Minister of Agriculture, Osmar Benítez, together with the Commercial Vice President of Marítima Dominicana (MARDOM), Manuel Peña, to the World Food Moscow, in Russia, where they met with the main executives of the shipping line in order to promote banana exports.

Peña stressed that 2017 was a year of great challenges for agricultural producers in the northern region, especially those in the banana sector, due to the decline in exports because of the harmful effects of the torrential rains and flooding after the passage of hurricanes Irma and María.

"Our producers have recovered from the severe conditions that affected them in 2017 and there is currently high demand and need to open markets to export bananas," he said.

He said that Baltic Shipping starting operations in the Montecristi area would mean an increase in exports and the possibility for these farmers to place their products in other international markets, especially because this province produces more than a third of the national banana production.

It is estimated that the reincorporation of this service in the Port of Manzanillo will generate around 250 direct jobs and up to 1,000 indirect jobs, associated with exports and economic activities of the sector.

The Baltic Shipping Line will offer weekly services to the ports of Helsingborg, Sweden, and St. Petersburg, Russia, connecting the northern region in a record time of 12 days, the fastest service from the Dominican Republic to the Baltic Region. This logistics will result in important benefits for local producers, since they will have a greater distribution network and scope, allowing them to place their products in optimal conditions in the mentioned markets.

The start of operations is announced for the second week of January 2019 with the arrival of the first ship, which will embark about 500 tons of bananas, starting from the Port of Manzanillo, in Montecristi.


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