Chiquita Back to Civitavecchia


From November 20 Chiquita resumed to dischage bananas at pier 25 south in Civitavecchia. During the evening on November 19, Port Authorities received notification from the President of the harbor system Authority Francesco Maria di Majo, following the verbal commitment taken last week with CFFT, that the company was returning to the port after the Maersk vessel, which transported the Chiquita fruit was moved from pier 25 north (pier in charge of receiving goods in containers) to 25 south.

After about two weeks of absence, Chiquita bananas went back to Civitavecchia. On November 20, vessel Neston of Maersk docked with its cargo of containers at pier 25 south by virtue of the temporary authorization that had been granted and communicated by the Port Authority. Even in the early morning, despite the heavy rain, the discharge by the staff of CFFT began and by the end of the day, it had moved about 400 containers between the full and the empty ones waiting for new cargo.

«Having recovered the confidence of Chiquita, who last week had brought the goods to Livorno twice commented on November 20, the CEO of the Italian-Belgian company Steven Clerxks is already a good sign for the port and for the whole region. This is thanks to the president of the Authority Francesco Maria di Majo, who has put on paper the commitment he had taken verbally on November 16. Now the hope is that we can reach a final solution that allows everyone to work peacefully at the port, at least waiting to know the decision of the regional administrative court (Tar) on the merits of our appeal.

In order to find a permanent solution on November 19 evening the senior managers of the Ministry of Transportation after a long technical meeting with the Authority, CFFT and RTC informed that as it was foreseeable, the Ministry of Transportation could not find a solution, but only exhorted the president of Molo Vespucci to identify the best way to avoid states of agitation and strikes at the port and perhaps succeed in making an agreement between the two parts. On one aspect, the leaders of Porta Pia were very clear: The port of Rome and Lazio could not afford to lose an important and well-established traffic like the one with Chiquita.

Since November 20 in the offices of the port Authority, as requested by the MIT, we are back to work on a solution that will allow us to reach the month of June, when there will be the sentence by the TAR, without losing such an important client.

Meanwhile, the return of the banana company to the port of Civitavecchia has already had a positive first effect.

The unions CGIL and UIL suspended the general strike of the sector that had been proclaimed and to which all the port enterprises had already joined.

Territorial secretaries of Filt Cgil Alessandro Borgioni and Uil Trasporti Gennaro Gallo announced the suspension (not revocation) of the protest.

In the next few days, the two trade unions will inform about their decision - we need to discuss this further before arriving to a final revocation of the protest measure. It is essential to find solutions that allow the traffic of exotic fruits to be structured. We also hope to create conditions to attract other traffic, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability of the entire port system".

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