Ecuador: Congress Member Proposes New Draft for Banana Law


To produce more boxes per hectare and not enlarging the surface of banana plantations are some of the proposals contained in the draft Law of Stimulation and Control of the Production and Marketing of Banana, Plantain (Barraganete) and other related Musaceae, intended for export.

The project proposed by Congressman Carlos Falquez Batallas was presented by the legislator to representatives of the media.

In a press conference, Falquez was accompanied by Assembly member Patricia Henríquez Orense as well as by the banana producers: Jorge Álex Serrano, Euclides Palacios, Danilo Palacios, Alfredo Castro, Francisco Minuche, and Raúl Lara, president of the Chamber of Banana, Orenses.

Falquez indicated that they will hold a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Agriculture to pass on any observations they might have to proceed with the project.

Falquez said the project states that there will not be more banana planting and instead current plantations have to produce more boxes per hectare and thus improve productivity. In addition, he referred to the request to simplify the procedure for the registration of the properties every single time and that instead it should be limited to the cases involving purchase or sale of the land.

Regarding the minimum price fixed by the government, the proposal is that it must be set by the market and keeping in mind to always look for the benefit of producers, especially small and medium-sized ones. To this is added a request that it be the Ministry of Agriculture and not Foreign Trade that sets the official price of the banana box.

The bill seeks to regulate the production and commercialization of bananas, the stimulus and credit regime, administrative processes related to the activity, the minimum support prices, the contracting mechanisms and other aspects related to the activity both in national and international markets.

The project states that the quality of the fruit is the responsibility of the producer and that the qualification will be made only and exclusively on the farm and there will not be a subsequent verification at the port of shipment and / or consolidation yards, unless there are phytosanitary problems detected or endorsed by Agrocalidad.

The project also prohibits creating new Cavendish banana plantations intended for export as from the enactment of the law for which non-compliance will be sanctioned with a fine of 150 unified basic salaries per hectare planted and the corresponding destruction of the sown surface.

All producers, marketers and exporters must sign contracts for the sale of fruit, with a minimum term of one year, if they don’t have this agreement they will not be able to sell the fruit.

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