Fresh Del Monte Effort Reinforces Social Responsibility, Sustainability


Fresh Del Monte announced the launch of its “Bunch of Good” campaign emphasizing Fresh Del Monte’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts for making a better tomorrow while inviting consumers to learn more and participate in this initiative.

The campaign first rolls out new “Bunch of Good” produce stickers and tags for its bananas and pineapples, which will display several unique facts highlighting Fresh Del Monte’s commitment to communities, education, ecosystems, healthcare, wildlife preservation and much more.

Fresh Del Monte strives to showcase the organization’s commitment to doing “a bunch of good” worldwide while building a sustainable future through this new initiative. The brand’s six “bunch of good” efforts featured on the banana stickers are:

A bunch of good for food banks in the USA – Nearly 15 million pounds of fresh produce donated and distributed.

A bunch of good for education in the Philippines – Offer scholarships to ensure students get access to the education they deserve.

A bunch of good for healthcare in Kenya – Funds six medicals centre for a population of roughly 28,000 people.

A bunch of good for rainforests in Central America – Designated nearly 10,000 hectares as protected areas to promote biodiversity.

A bunch of good for the wildlife in Central America – Protects more than 600 wildlife species.

A bunch of good for people, produce, planet.

As part of its ongoing efforts since implementing its sustainability program, Fresh Del Monte is responsible for donating nearly 15 million pounds of fresh produce to 40 different entities in the United States over the past year, planting more than 1 million trees in three years, supporting educational opportunities in local farming communities and exceeding its 10-year target for reduction of energy consumption by 20%.

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