Ecuador: Construction of Pier 6 starts in Puerto Bolívar


With the setting of the cornerstone, construction work began on Pier 6 at the Puerto Bolívar maritime terminal, in the province of El Oro, on March 30.

The work will cost 176 million dollars, with private investment, and ready in June 2023, according to the Minister of Public Works, Marcelo Loor.

"The pier will be 450 meters long, with a container yard, refrigeration warehouses and new access roads," said the official during the ceremony.

On March 30, two STS cranes and six RTG cranes arrived with private investment that exceeds 21 million dollars, corresponding to the first phase of the Yilport concessionaire.

The authorities highlighted the increase in exports and imports -since 2020- at the Puerto Bolívar maritime terminal. "It is not only the construction of the pier for Puerto Bolívar; there is also a change in the infrastructure and modernization of cargo handling," explained Alfredo Jurado, manager of Yilport Puerto Bolívar, the concessionaire of the maritime terminal.

"Today, we are exporting 60% of El Oro's banana production, and with these investments, we aspire to reach over 80%. With this work, it will be possible to fill a vessel of up to 18,000 TEUS", said Jurado.

In 2016, the Government of Ecuador and the company Yilport Holding signed a 50-year concession contract for the expansion and modernization of the port, which will require an investment of about 750 million dollars.

According to the contract, the investment to be made by Yilport will be carried out in five phases that include the dredging works, infrastructure and equipment of the maritime terminal.

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