Iran Resume the Import of Bananas


According to Iran Energy Economic Review, the Islamic Republic has allowed the release of some 60 trucks with bananas from its Bazargan customs in return for apples' export, said Deputy Head of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA). The information was later circulated by news agencies also.

" Authorities approved the release of imported bananas from the customs following the agreement that the import would be substituted for export of apples," said Arvandaghi.

"The Ministry of Industry Mine and Trade has approved this, considering the extended import orders and the confirmation of agent banks about the source of foreign currency used for the release of commodity," he said.

"The topic of stored banana trucks at the country's border customs and necessity to manage their release was discussed recently with the market regulation working group, and it was eventually approved," said the official.

"It is expected that the recent decision to release of stored bananas from border customs without normal procedure and their distribution across the country would reduce the price of bananas which have reached very high levels in coming days," he said.

A Specialized Reefer Vessel with a full load of bananas was expected to discharge at the northern port of Busher at the end of week 7 or beginning of week 8 as soon as some banking technicalities are ironed out, according to industry sources. Authorities might authorize to import of larger volumes of bananas for important festivities in March and then Ramadan, which starts on April 12, when fruit consumption is high.

Lately, banana prices had reached very high levels in the Islamic Republic due to the shortage generated by the lack of import permits and influences the costs of all other fruit.

Bananas are a prevalent fruit in Iran, and at least two large Specialized Reefer Vessels might call at the northern Iranian port from Ecuador and two more from the Philippines. More volumes might be shipped by container to the Turkish transit port of Mersin to be trucked to the Persian Country.

According to traders, if a nuclear deal is reached with the USA and sanctions are removed, banana imports might increase considerably, and direct shipments by container to Bushehr and Bandar Abbas might resume also.

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