Colombia: Banasan Fourth Banana Exporter in Colombia


Generating around 30 thousand jobs between direct and indirect and positioned in the fourth place of exports in Colombia, despite being one of the youngest companies in the country to reach the market, today the Comercializadora Internacional Bananeros Unidos de Santa Marta, CI Banasan S.A.S. has become one of the essential alternatives in shipping bananas from Colombia to Europe and South Korea.

The company has established itself as the second in Magdalena and the fourth in Colombia among volume exporters.

" We have been 15 years in the European market and Korea we have been present for about seven months. This market is more complicated to reach due to the distance; the transit time takes up to 30 days before the fruit arrival. So we have had to start again certain processes that have to do with exporting to be successful in these activities in that country," said Edgar Chalhoub, executive president of the company, which added that the company also exports to other destinations in northern Europe that includes Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and England.

The legal representative also argued that Banasan is doing the marketing for selling the fruit. The group owns two thousand hectares of banana plantations, which give job to around 2.500 persons.

The associated grower's companies that work with Banasan add up to a total of 5 thousand hectares, providing approximately 6 thousand direct and 24 thousand indirect jobs in total.

According to the directive, Banasan has around 80 farms that work together with them. Four of these located in the north of Magdalena and the other 76 in the south. However, it also works with cooperatives of small producers, and each of these has approximately 45 farms with fruit marketed under the 'Fairtrade' seal scheme that gives these small producers in the region certain advantages such as that of receiving a better price and obtaining a sum of money for investment in social projects.

The company, in search of the well-being of the communities, started a social foundation in 2011.

During the emergency generated by COVID-19, the Banasan Foundation has provided more than 500 tons of bananas, 9,000 prevention kits and the delivery of 800 food boxes to vulnerable families; There are daily health prevention sessions that are aimed at workers in the banana sector.

The marketer offers a portfolio of products and services that seek to contribute to its efficiency and profitability, ensuring effective production and logistics processes.

Banasan currently exports most of its fruit through the port of Santa Marta and between 20 and 30 containers through Cartagena. The company aims to reach 13 million tons exported in 2020.

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