Mexico: Banana Plantations Proliferate in the Carrizal Area


After having regained the importance it had decades ago, the local banana sector has consolidated itself as one of the primary activities, which, far from being affected by this health contingency, continue to open doors in international markets.

In addition to having maintained weekly exports of 150 containers to China since last March, ties with other markets continue to be strengthened, without forgetting the domestic market, in addition to the fact that more and more people are establishing plantations for self-consumption.

Among the communities that have resumed banana production in Tabasco are those located in the metropolitan area that includes Nacajuca, in addition to the Coronel Traconis ranchería, which has been sending their production to the United States two years ago.

This community has historically had an agricultural vocation, and three years ago were supported by Alejandro García Baduy, then Director of Development of the municipality of Centro, with which it was possible for 30 producers from this town to organize themselves and be able to export their product to the United States.

Although in Tabasco the area with the greatest banana production is the municipality of Teapa, where the large farms that store the product for export operate, in other municipalities activity has also grown in recent years, either for consumption by the same families or to sell to the public and central supply markets.

As an example, in the vicinity of the Carrizal river there are at least a dozen farms that are about to bear fruit, which shows that this activity has not been affected by either the rains or the Covid 19 pandemic.

And it is that according to the president of the National Banana Product System Committee, Adrián Prats Leal, the rains instead of affecting the plantations benefit them, in addition to the fact that Tabasco has become accustomed to living with the water and the flows of his rivers, so it is the drought that actually affects or impact the volume of production.

Traditionally, Tabasco exports an average of about 300 thousand tons of bananas a year, which translates into about 15 million boxes.

Currently one of the main export contracts is with the Chinese government, where Mexican producers want to continue sending around 150 containers per week, which represents about 162 thousand boxes.

Thus it has been proven that despite the 3-month Coronavirus emergency, primary activities in Tabasco have not stopped, as in the case of the banana sector that continues to work normally, in addition to the fact that the local banana farms continue to contribute to the project of the National Council of the Banana Product System, which in early March specified the arrival of the first shipment of bananas from the country to China.

According to INEGI, bananas are the most important crop in Tabasco and the first of economic importance, each year, Tabasco produces between 350,000 and 400,000 tons, just under a quarter of the national production that is 2 million tons.

Half of its production goes to the international market, and the rest is distributed among Chiapas, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán and part of Veracruz.

Bananas produced in Tabasco have had a strong boom in recent years and have acquired great international prestige, as they are beginning to be requested from various parts of the world.

According to the also president of the local Union of Producers of Banana, this is due to the effort of years by producers in the region, basically in the municipalities of Teapa, Tacotalpa and Jalapa, although there is also production in Centro, Cunduacán and Huimanguillo.

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