Hurricane "Lorena" damaged 1,600 hectares in Colima and Jalisco


The passage of Hurricane "Lorena" damage 1,600 hectares, mainly banana, in Colima, the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader) indicated that more than 600 thousand hectares are insured in that entity and Jalisco.

La Sader detailed, that in a preliminary report, there have been affected by the weather phenomenon in the municipality of Manzanillo, Colima, and in the marabasco area, bordering the state of Jalisco, impacting banana and papaya plantations.

He pointed out that in Jalisco there are reports of effects in basic crops (corn, wheat and beans) and fruit trees, in the municipalities of Cihuatlán, La Huerta (Chamela) and Tomatlán (Punta Perula), damages that are about to be quantified as soon as there are conditions of access in the area.

The unit led by Víctor Villalobos Arámbula reported that specialized technicians from sader and state governments and representatives of insurers will evaluate areas with crop damage, mainly fruit trees, caused by the Hurricane "Lorena" in Colima and Jalisco, in order to initiate the procedures for activating the insurance and compensation schemes for affected producers.

In the state of Colima there is an insurance coverage for 93 thousand hectares, of which 63 thousand 403 are of perennial crops: banana, papaya, tamarind, coffee, pineapple, cane, avocado and blackberry; the rest, covers the planting of basic grains.

In Jalisco there is insurance coverage of 525 thousand 126 hectares, corresponding 15 thousand 943 to perennials (banana, papaya, mango, tamarind and coffee) and the rest to grain crops.

After the entry of the hurricane, in Jalisco, the greatest impacts were recorded in the towns of Chamela, La Huerta, Tomatlán, Melaque and La Manzanilla, where the overflow of the Chamela, El Rebalse, Cuixmala and Marabasco rivers was reported, as well as Pala and Aquiles Serdán, in Puerto Vallarta, locations where less damage to crops (mango, papaya and banana).

In Colima, in the agricultural sector, affectations were reported in one thousand 600 hectares, mainly of banana in the municipality of Manzanillo. In addition, in Marabasco, bordering area between Colima and Jalisco.

The Sader explained that once all evaluation processes have been completed, agricultural insurance and compensation schemes for small producers are applied, as well as the assistance of specialized technicians for the reactivation of the units affected by this weather phenomenon.

To address the impacts in the agricultural sector, state governments have insurance coverage, so they will need to initiate procedures to activate agricultural insurance and support producers to generate conditions that lead to a speedy recovery.

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