RD Bananas with Further Growth Potential


Banana has a potential for growth in the Dominican Republic according to the Study and Diagnosis of Agricultural Chains, presented by the National Competitiveness Council and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

However, although it competes in the organic market and is in high growth, it is not clear how it can compete and continue to grow against other producing countries such as Ecuador, Mexico or Peru.

With a production of US $ 142 million, the banana is the fourth in value, sixth in growth and second in general exports (US$ 85 million). The fruit is in fifth place on the list, with 1950 producers nationwide and 51,000 jobs.

92% of banana export plantations are organic. Most plantations in the country are technified and many have international quality certifications.

The export of fresh organic bananas is the main opportunity identified in the study, because it allows a differentiation and the European Union represents the best opportunity, due to the tariff advantages that exist.

Likewise, the processing of quality organic bananas also appears as an opportunity for export and the processing of conventional bananas for the national market is an option, but of small volume.

The banana chain is already integrated with tourism, but more promotion of organic bananas could be done to strengthen their demand abroad and of banana derivatives to increase their sale.

Based on these opportunities and the current capabilities of the chain, the main recommendations of the experts are:

Diversify the export markets of organic bananas in the European market and defend the Dominican participation in the main markets; and differentiation of the current exportable organic banana offer through new certifications and / or variety development.

In addition, improvement of crop productivity with higher technology at the farm level; and promote the development of derived products such as purees or flour, made from organic bananas.

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