Colombia: Bananas from Magdalena Could be Exported to China


The IV Banana Forum, which is the most important event for this production sector in the region took place on Thursday, May 16th, it was organized by the Banana Association of Magdalena and La Guajira, Asbama.

For two days, the most relevant challenges faced by the sector were addressed, with the attendance of around 550 participants.

"This is a space for analyzing the banana production chain, created in order to promote and facilitate the academic, scientific, technical and business integration of the sector, around fundamental debates, reflections and contributions in the search for greater possibilities of success, sustainable economic and social development of the banana agroindustry of the Colombian Caribbean region," said José Francisco Zúñiga Cotes, president of Asbama.

The event started with good news for the banana sector, the possible export of Magdalena banana to China, the announcement was made by the Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia Pinzón.

"We are working so that banana growers in Magdalena can access more markets, particularly the Chinese one; we have been having a very fruitful dialogue between that government and our ambassador in Beijing.

Soon we will receive two inspectors who are coming to Colombia, reviewing with the ICA the possibility of consolidating access to the Chinese market which is a very important market, buying more than US$850 million in bananas today and which has enormous potential for Colombia. ", said the minister.

He also stated that the banana is one of Colombia’s four export lines, being a sector that historically has generated foreign currency in the export basket of the country. "Bananas are a great generator of employment here in Magdalena because the crops belong to small producers who have contracts with banana exporting companies; they have a huge social impact meaning that it is a sector that we should support."

It was learned that in June two inspectors from the Asian country will come to Colombia to evaluate the phytosanitary characteristics of the country’s bananas.

For its part, the Colombian Agricultural Institute, ICA, said that they are going to renew an agreement that they had a long time ago with the banana producing sector, such as Asbama and Augura to strengthen the communication of the phytosanitary risks that may exist for exports.

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