Banana Exports from Cameroon Decrease


With less than 14,000 tonnes in April, this is Cameroon's worst performance since January 2019.

The decline in banana exports to Cameroon continued in April 2019. According to statistics published by the Cameroon Banana Association (Assobacam), the country exported 13,381 tonnes of bananas last April. This is the worst performance since the beginning of the current year.

Indeed, between January and March 2019, Cameroon's banana exports fluctuated between 19,000 and 21,000 tons, a gap of 6 to 8,000 tons compared to 13,381 in April 2019.

PHP company remains market leader, the local subsidiary of French Compagnie Fruitière de Marseille recorded exports of 12,427 tonnes in April 2019, an increase of 424 tonnes compared to the same period in 2018.

With 954 tonnes of bananas exported in April 2019, Boh Plantations saw its performance increase by 82 tonnes, compared with 872 tonnes in April 2018.

On a year-on-year basis, banana exports from Cameroon at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019 decline by about 6500 tons, compared to the 17,638 tons exported in April 2018. This drastic drop is the result of the disappearance of the public agribusiness CDC banana exporter since September 2018.

The agro-industrial company of the South West region thus pays the heavy toll of the conflict against a backdrop of separatist demands, which has hardened in the English-speaking areas of Cameroon since 2017. This context of insecurity resulted in the cessation of activities to CDC.

To recover from the ravages of the Anglophone crisis, the top management of this company, 100% controlled by the State, has recently estimated financing needs to 29 billion FCFA. With its 22,000 employees, this agro-industrial unit is the second largest employer in the country, after the public administration.

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