Ecuador Participates Successfully in Fruit Logistica


Ecuador strengthened commercial ties with Germany during its participation in the Fruit Logistics Fair 2019, held in Berlin and which was evaluated as successful by the Ecuadorian authorities.

As in every edition, the event was an opportunity for exchange among producers, exporters, importers, distributors, representatives of supermarkets and service providers.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Ecuador, the event was also a space to disseminate other services related to logistics, transport, packaging, designs, technologies and information systems and agricultural, environmental and marketing innovation.

At the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture, Xavier Lazo met with representatives of the German Government to strengthen links, as well as with different actors in the private sector, especially importers interested in Ecuadorian fruits.

He also gave interviews to the media in the United Kingdom, Russia and Germany, and participated in a panel on fair trade in bananas, organized by the FairTrade Non-Governmental Organization.

The exchanges served to propose Ecuador as a strategic partner of the Fruit Logistica 2020 Fair and give it more international visibility in order to show the comparative and competitive advantages of its agricultural products.

According to Lazo it also facilitated opening to new markets to produce under the demand approach complying with quality and safety standards.

Agreements were also reached to have lines of credit through programs based on public-private partnerships with a focus on commercial loans, as well as technical assistance to different lines of the productive sectors.

At the same time, the authorities agreed to hold a project signed up to 2021, to support various aspects that require the promotion of Ecuadorian exports of companies dedicated to fresh fruits and vegetables among other products.


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