Kazakhstan: First Banana Crops Harvested in the Turkestan Region


Kazakhstan is home to an expansive banana plantation where the locally adapted variety "anamuz" thrives in the Kazakh climate. Islam Aliyev led the greenhouse to house over 7,000 banana plants and successfully ripened approximately 1,000 tons of bananas. To ensure successful acclimatisation, 400 truckloads of compost were imported. Although the existing greenhouse spans only 5 hectares and fulfils a mere 1% of domestic demand, expansion plans are in progress. 

Asyl Assetov, the Deputy Head of the Entrepreneurship and Agriculture Department in the Sayram district, has observed a recent trend among farmers shifting towards citrus cultivation. With oranges growing across 4 hectares and lemons across 5 hectares, discussions are underway regarding government subsidies to support such initiatives. Experts predict a further surge in exotic cultivation in the region. Aliyev intends to diversify mangoes, avocados, pineapples, and blueberries across an additional 90 hectares to offer local alternatives to imported fruits.