Z.I.M. Extends Partnership with ArrowSpot


Israeli shipping line Z.I.M. has renewed its partnership with ArrowSpot Systems Ltd., a fellow Israeli start-up that provides comprehensive cargo monitoring solutions for the global logistics industry.

This extension builds upon the existing collaboration between the two companies, which includes operating a 24/7 control centre as a critical component of the ZIMonitor service. This service offers remote tracking, monitoring, and control for reefer containers.

In terms of technology, ZIMonitor integrates various telematics devices. It's worth noting that approximately 90% of Z.I.M.'s reefer fleet is equipped with Carrier reefer machinery. Initially, ZIMonitor utilised a telemetry device from ArrowSpot, but the carrier now employs various monitoring hardware on its reefer containers. In 2022, Z.I.M. announced the installation of over 5,000 units of Carrier Transicold's Lynx Fleet solution onto 40ft high cube reefer containers. Additionally, Z.I.M. operates reefers with StarCool machinery from Maersk Container Industry (MCI). Later, in 2022, Z.I.M. agreed with ORBCOMM to use its ReeferConnect platform to manage the reefer fleet. This arrangement leverages the interoperability of ReeferConnect to access data from multiple types of O.E.M. (including Carrier and MCI) and third-party telematics devices through a unified platform.

ArrowSpot operates the control centre where alerts are received, analysed, and actioned. ArrowSpot's algorithms classify and prioritise alerts, such as temperature deviations within a reefer, enabling its staff to make data-driven decisions and resolve issues promptly.

"ZIMonitor is one of Z.I.M.'s flagship services and enjoys an outstanding reputation. "Over the past five years, with Z.I.M.'s commercial and operation teams, we have continuously adapted and improved our solutions to align with Z.I.M.'s evolving needs. We are truly excited about our continued partnership and our mission to support more sustainable global cargo solutions," noted Ran Grinshtain, C.E.O. of ArrowSpot.