The 'Machala Banana Time' event will be held on June 19 and 20


The Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE) is pleased to announce the third annual edition of "Banana Time". This event, which will be held at the Hotel Oro Verde in Machala, aims to bring together the productive actors of the banana sector to discuss issues of common interest and promote the industry's sustainable development. "Banana Time" is a unique opportunity for producers, exporters, experts and university students to meet and exchange ideas, experiences and knowledge. The event will feature the participation of prominent national and international speakers, who will address topics such as climate change, pests and diseases, global regulations and the latest trends in banana production and marketing.

In this third edition, Marianella Ubilla, president of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE), points out that they have innovated with the creation of a scientific committee in charge of selecting the topics to be discussed, inviting speakers and guaranteeing the quality of the presentations. This committee comprises experts with recognised experience in the banana sector who will ensure that the event is a valuable source of information and learning for all participants. "Banana Time" is an essential event for the national banana sector and significantly impacts the province of El Oro. The trade exhibition during the event brings together companies from across the banana value chain, generating business opportunities and fostering local economic development, according to José Antonio Hidalgo, executive director of AEBE. 

Subjects to be discussed are: Combating banana diseases: research, prevention and biosecurity. It will focus on the latest research and strategies to address diseases such as Red Spot and Fusarium TR4. In addition, experts will discuss innovations in the management of common diseases such as moko and black Sigatoka. Advances in nutrition and sustainability in banana cultivation, bio-controlling microorganisms, and new guidelines for organic certification will be discussed.

Adaptation and resilience:  Banana responses to climate change and global demands. Here, we will look at how banana varieties adapt to FOC TR4 resilience and the impact of climate change on banana productivity.

The final panel discussion will discuss "Efficiency and sustainability in the face of the European Union's new sampling measures". This panel discussion will focus on the recent measures adopted by the European Union, specifically the 10% sampling requirement for imports, and how these affect the banana industry from the perspective of operational efficiency and sustainability.

For more information on how to attend the event, please contact: +593 991 140128.