Mann Packing Completes Integration as Fresh Del Monte's Vegetable Division


Mann Packing Company announced that it has officially completed the final stages of its integration as the vegetable division of Fresh Del Monte Produce.

The final step of the 2018 acquisition includes the complete fusion of all teams, including sales, sales support, finance, logistics, sustainability/quality control, marketing, and innovation – all of which fall under the Fresh Del Monte network. 

Alongside Fresh Del Monte's President and CEO Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, the following executives will be leading this new era for Mann Packing: Mohammed Abbas, Fresh Del Monte's Chief Operating Officer; Jesus Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, North America Sales, Marketing & Product Management; and Sevag Zaroukian, Vice President Operations of Mann Packing.

Completing this final step gives Mann Packing full access to all of Fresh Del Monte's resources, including its robust logistics network, including Network Shipping. A third-party shipping network transports goods across the world using the company's 13 owned vessels; and Tricont Trucking and Tricont Logistics, which utilize the company's ships, ports and temperature-controlled warehouses strategically located throughout 34 facilities in North America.

Separately both companies are category leaders in innovation, with Mann Packing producing products such as BROCCOLINI baby broccoli and MANN stringless sugar snap peas; and Fresh Del Monte producing various products, including the Pinkglow and Honeyglow pineapples and Goodvocados. The two innovation teams are now working seamlessly together to continue creating innovative products for consumers to enjoy.

"We have big plans for Mann Packing, and this is just the beginning," said Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman and CEO of Fresh Del Monte. "By bringing Mann Packing completely into the Fresh Del Monte umbrella, we are able to expand our reach to more consumers.We're also able to further leverage the robust infrastructure we've built over our 135-year history at Fresh Del Monte whether it's our smart farming technology, innovation labs or comprehensive logistics network. Mann Packing and Fresh Del Monte are now synonymous and have access to the same resources."

Newsweek has recognized Fresh Del Monte as one of America's Most Trusted Brands. He is also seen as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices, continuously evolving to work on conserving biodiversity and reducing its impact on climate change --- those same practices and learnings are being integrated into Mann Packing's growing regions in California and Arizona.

Mann Packing has five facilities across California. Its newest state-of-the-art facility, Gonzales, opened in 2021, handling fruits and vegetables with full-fledged automation. Fresh Del Monte is now selling fresh-cut produce out of the Gonzales facility.