Hainan production area began to end Guangdong into the mainstream domestic banana production area


Hainan bananas have entered the closing stage, and prices continue to move chaotically. Merchants gradually moved to the two Guangzhou areas, and some production areas in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, were at the peak of listing, becoming the mainstream banana-producing areas in China.


Hainan production area: The overall market in the Hainan production area is weak. Some areas are still in a state of sealing and control, the shipment speed could be faster, it is difficult to find installers and vehicles, and the price continues to be chaotic. Poor shipments in the production area have led to a backlog of banana orchards, an increase in cooked bananas, and severe losses for some banana farmers. The remaining goods in the entire Hainan production area are 20% to 30%, and at present, Chengmai, Lingao and Danzhou are mainly shipped. Generally, the price of good goods refers to about 1.00 yuan/catty, and the specific transaction price is qualitative.


Guangdong production area: The listing time of each production area in Guangdong is relatively scattered, and the current merchants are mainly concentrated in the western Guangdong region. Suixi, Xuwen and other places are in the peak period of listing. After the end of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the enthusiasm of merchants to take goods weakened, as some installers were stranded in Hainan, and the overall interest in the production area needed to be faster. The mainstream price of smeared goods in the Xuwen production area is 1.10-1.20 yuan/jin, and the quality of the Suixi production area is relatively high, and the mainstream price of smeared good goods is 1.30-1.40 yuan/jin.


Guangxi production area: The shipment volume of the Guangxi production area has gradually increased, but the good goods in some bases are still slightly in short supply, and it is more challenging to collect large quantities. As the temperature drops, the storage time of bananas becomes more prolonged, and merchants everywhere actively replenish them. The overall supply quality in the production area is high, and the mainstream price of goods in Nanning base is 1.60-1.70 yuan/jin.


Yunnan production area:

  • Yunnan's production area is in the low season.
  • Individual banana orchards are sporadic shipments.
  • The new season bananas are expected to be listed in late October.

Buyers and sellers go hand in hand, mostly carpooling. The price of good goods in Xishuangbanna is referenced at 2.60 yuan/kg, and the mainstream price in Wenshan, Honghe and other places is about 2.00 yuan/kg.


The off-season of consumption in the banana market has ended. Coupled with the impact of the Mid-Autumn Festival stockpiling and school opening, the wholesale market in late August has a significant acceleration trend. In the market, Yunnan, Guangdong and other production areas have a relatively complete supply, and the price fluctuates slightly with the transaction. Peaches, citrus and other seasonal fruits are in sufficient quantities, and the banana market has no apparent competitive advantage in the short term.

Summary: At present, the quality of bananas in various production areas is uneven, and the transaction is the owner of the trade. The Yunnan production area is in the off-season, the Shipment of the Hainan Production Area is not smooth, some merchants have moved to the two Guangzhou areas, and the shipments of Guangdong and Guangxi have gradually increased. In the short term, the banana market in the Hainan production area will be mainly adjusted in a narrow range, and the market in the two Guangzhou areas may have a particularly positive trend. Affected by weather, terminal demand, and the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, it is also necessary to pay close attention to the follow-up market movement.